The Marine Survey and Report
This is the most important document you can have on board along with the vessel documentation or registration. It is the vessels pedigree and is used by insurance underwriters, banks, prospective buyers and even the US Coast Guard to validate the vessels condition and value. The survey inspection and report must be performed by a qualified and certified marine professional, otherwise it can be rejected by any institution who requests it including insurance claims. Our professional reports are  highly respected in the industry .
Our Procedure
Our surveyors use a 15 page inspection check list for all inspections, commercial or private which includes all applicable USCG, ABYC and ABS and industry standards and references. We do this for one simple reason, accuracy. Our clients expect it and we can't afford to miss anything. This coupled with our in house and formal training and testing and years of experience makes it possible for us to provide the most comprehensive, accepted and dependable report in the industry. We are the best because we make sure we are and take pride in our work and earn you trust.

Marine Surveys and Reports
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